Can Apartments make your eco-friendly home?

Do you dream to enjoy an eco-friendly home where you can relax and refresh and be free with the stresses that go hand in hand with your hectic life?
Well, it is possible. “Going Green” is never an expensive option & comes effortlessly as a part of your daily activities.

Make a fine choice of your apartment – Mutual compatibility can often augment your efforts to make an eco- friendly ambience. Take a location that doesn’t disrupt your daily schedules. You will then start loving the pleasant ambience for the goodness and advantages it adds to your life. Choosing a location needn’t necessary be far-off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Make your apartment energy efficient – Putting weather strips on vents can have a good result on your energy bills. You can apply plastic glazing to windows to increase heat retention. Sun shielding shades and blinds attached to your doors and windows can manage the amount of light entering your room so as to maintain the temperature automatically.

Get a methodical way of electrical supply so as have a less energy consumption.

Try to get rid of old incandescent light bulbs. You can replace them with compact fluorescents so that you save a sizable amount of energy and money over time. They also help you to remove the amount of greenhouse gases from the air.

Many of us have the habit of turning the lights or television as soon as we step into a room. Not that we necessarily need the lights or television, but just because we have been in the habit of doing it. If you try to go without the noise for awhile and you might be amazed at how calming it will be, for your mind.

Saving water results in saving energy. Make it a point to install the latest in low-flush toilets. If it is a big deal try this option, fill a milk jug with stones and place it in your toilet tank to displace water so that you use fewer amounts to fill the tank. You can also install water-efficient faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads on your taps.

Spend less time in the shower & try to turn the water off while you are doing something like brushing your teeth. Don’t use hot water for your laundry. Run your washing machine and dishwasher with a full load.

Grow your own food. Oh! You may be thinking of how to grow my own food in an apartment? A couple of window boxes & a small porch or balcony area, you will be amazed to see how much food can be grown in various containers.

Always look for reduced packaging. Now-a-days a lot of companies are realizing the need to protect the environment and thereby using less packaging materials on their products. Less packing means less garbage.

Avoid using PLASTIC BAGS.

Try to light your home with alternatives that don’t require much electricity.

You can switch to non-toxic cleaners and detergents that can be less harmless.

Try placing some houseplants in your apartment that can detoxify the air better than any air freshener or disinfectant sprays.

Avoid using central heat and air 24/7. You can open the doors and windows and let nature in.

By lowering your thermostat one degree in the winter and raising it one degree in the summer, you can reduce your energy costs considerably.

Make sure that you check and replace your air conditioning filter and other appliances on time.


Find an organic bedding and furniture that goes  with nature

Make sure that your appliances are not only energy efficient, but that you maintain it the best you can.

Try to avoid volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which have a wide range of carbon-based molecules, that can turn out to be harmful to the body.
There can be more to say about an eco- friendly life, but with the above said basic tips maintaining a nature –friendly in apartments is never a colossal task. Never keep shirking our responsibilities, and later blame ourselves. Apartments and flats have become a necessity in metros, when the cost of property is mounting at a speedy level.  A wise and proper planning can make your life in apartments in close communion with nature.

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