Tips on Choosing the Best Builder for Constructing your Home in Kochi

How to choose the right builder for an apartment, villa or house.

Now that you have made up your mind on whether to build a house, apartment or villa, the next question to answer is who to rely on building your dream home. The options are plenty, and that is why it is confusing.


To make it easier for you, we have compiled a few steps that should help you in looking for that right builder.


Step one:

Gather the list of builders who has ongoing or upcoming projects at the locations you are interested in.

Having a list of builders will come in handy even before you start talking to them or start personally looking at them because you will have a clear idea about all projects that are happening around you.


  • Check in local builder associations: There are many local builder associations that will give you ample informations about builders registered in them. While these may not be comprehensive, this will include many builders around the area. Which is a good place for you to start looking at.

  • Ask local real estate agents: Local real estate agents will be packed with information about properties and projects that are up for sale which makes them a very useful resource in locating good quality builders. However, involving them in a deal might result in additional cost as commissions.

  • Ask your friends, family and acquaintances for information on builders: It is highly likely that many people you know already have experiences buying a home or an apartment. So ask around to know about their experiences and their suggestions on good builders around the area.

  • Look at the real estate section in the local dailies and news papers: The real estate section of your local newspaper will give you a good list of builders around your area who has properties up for sale.

  • Check real estate listing websites: Check websites like 99acres and India property for locally filtered listings so that you can get an initial idea on builders around you and their properties

    Step two:

    Now do research about the buyers you have found from step one

    After building a list of builders around you the next is the most crucial and important step in your builder selection process. RESEARCH!!!
    Do a thorough research on all the builders you have found out so far. Following are how you should research about them


  • Start by checking out their official website and go through all the details given in their website. This will give you a clear idea on all their projects and you might even find some good testimonials about them.

  • Google the builder’s name. This will help you understand their online reputation. By doing this you can also see all their online customer reviews. This can give you a clear idea on how good or bad they are.

  • Ask around to know more about the builder. Ask anyone who you know about how a particular builder is and this will, most of the time, give you an idea on how a builder is and their track record.

  • Interview people who have bought that particular builders home, apartment or villa before. Meeting such customers of a builder will get you an honest opinion about them which will help you narrow down which builder to choose from. Most of the time you will get a very honest opinion. Questions you should ask include how their entire experience with the builder have been so far, what facilities are on offer, is that particular as liveable as the builder promised to be etc.

  • If in case you cannot go and ask around the above mentioned people, you can at least drive around and see all the projects yourself so that you can get an idea about each builders projects.

    Step three:

    Interview the potential builders you have narrowed down using step two

    It’s time to interview all those builders you have listed out or those you have decided to given a chance. Make sure you ask all the right questions when you do interview them. Here are a list of questions you should ask a builder.


    Step four:

    Make your decision and get ready to buy!

    Look back at all the research you did, keep in mind all sort of questions you asked the builder and the answer you got, and take a decision.

    Remember, shop for quality.

    Buy an apartment, villa or house that has the most quality and was build using quality materials. This will make a huge difference!


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